Smt. N.N. Mohan
D.A.V. SEN. SEC. School

Parent Teacher cooperation is essential to ensure the complete and harmonious development of the child’s personality, kindly help us in ensuring the following:

  • The diary should be carried to school daily and regularly countersigned.
  • The students should be dropped at the school gate by 7.10 a.m. Please do not enter the classrooms or meet teachers without written permission of the in charge.
  • Prior appointment with the in charge may be sought to discuss the problems of your ward.
  • No short leave/half day leave is allowed. Do not make social engagements or medical appointments for your ward during working hours.
  • Any change of address/telephone number should be notified immediately.
  • Ensure that your ward makes up for work missed by him/her during absence/leave with the guidance of the teachers.
  • Ensure prompt follow up of medical report sent by the school.
  • Do inform the class teacher and head of the institution in case your ward suffers from any specific disease/allergy/or has undergone an operation/is under medication.
  • Ensure that the child maintains personal hygiene, sleeps for 8 hours daily, has a nutritionally rich diet and avoids consumption of ice-creams and eatables from road side vendors.