Smt. N.N. Mohan
D.A.V. SEN. SEC. School

We at DAV endeavor to prepare students to face the world with a positive and constructive attitude. Our aim is to create world citizens with a broad outlook by giving them not only the bookish knowledge but also facilitate real learning by firsthand experience, by observation and by experimentation. The DAVians always realize their responsibilities towards society. We wish our alumni should work for the upliftment for those who face denial from different corners. Our school is honestly and vehemently striving towards creating a conducive environment for a peaceful society.

Here, the individuality of every child is respected by tapping his/her faculties leading to an overall personality development. We take care to make sure that technological advancements in the field of education integrate with our day-to-day instructional program together with inculcation of the right moral and cultural values amongst our Children through regular haunt and yajyna. Humility is respected here and arrogance negated through ‘ Charitra Nirman Shivirs’ and an ambience is created such that students learn to be tolerant and patient.

The school adheres to all the norms set by the PUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION BOARD and PUNJAB Government Education Department and follows them very strictly in its working. Under the able guidance of the veterans of DAVCMC, New Delhi, the school aspires to impart the best education making the students not only literate but aware, responsible and accountable also, so that they achieve success in creating a niche for themselves in whichever field they enter.