Smt. N.N. Mohan
D.A.V. SEN. SEC. School

To inculcate the quality of leadership, healthy competition and team spirit, all the school activities are carried out on house basis by dividing students into different houses named after great religious and national leaders and thinkers.

Houses shall perform the following duties by rotation.
  1. To manage the morning assembly.
Every day morning assembly will proceed as follows:
House captain on duty will command the assembly.
  1. Section wise standing in line and class monitors at the rear of the line.
  2. Morning Mantras and Prayers.
  3. News reading in Hindi and or English.
  4. Thought for the day and talk for the day.
  5. Quiz.
  6. Announcements/Instructions.
  7. Pledge in English, Hindi or Sanskrit.
  8. Shanti path and National Anthem.
  9. Dispersal.
    • Class monitors will march at the end of their section line after handing over late comers and the students without proper uniform to the master on duty/pti/discipline incharge.
    • To write ‘the news’ concerning international, national and sports events and also a ‘Thought for the day’ on the blackboards meant for the purpose.
    • To give ‘Today’s Thought’ in a short speech in the Assembly.
    • To check the late comers and mark them in the late comers register/diary.
    • To help maintain order during the recess period.
    • To look after the general cleanliness of the school.
    • To check the student uniforms and mark them in the diary.
    • To encourage students to participate enthusiastically in all inter-house contests/activities.
    • To be proud of own house and always work for its glorious traditions.
    • To help maintain discipline on the occasion of the school functions.