Smt. N.N. Mohan
D.A.V. SEN. SEC. School

  • Try to be a human being, not just a teaching machine. Do not teach only a subject, but rather treat us as students.
  • Let me feel that you are interested in me as a human being, not just a number in your note-book.
  • Do not judge me only by the marks I get in my tests, but rather by the effort I make.
  • Do not expect of me what is beyond my talent or power, and give me more encouragement from time to time.
  • Do not expect me to think of school and studies as the greatest pleasure of life. They are not, at least for me.
  • Do not expect me to like most the subject you teach. Other subjects may be interesting, too, and perhaps even more so, at least for me.
  • Help me to learn to think and to judge for myself, not just memorize ready-made answers. Help me rather to find the answers myself, though
  • this may be more painful for both of us.
  • Listen to the questions I may seriously ask, however foolish they may sound to you. If you can listen, I might learn to listen too.
  • Be strict enough with me, provided you are just. I know that I need it, though outwardly I may rebel against it.
  • Do not ridicule me especially not before my classmates. It hurts, and it will turn me against you. An earnest but kind word in private will be more effective.
  • Do not pity me, especially not in front of others, if I do not succeed so well. Pity can be so embarrassing.
  • Do not point out another student in class as an example to me. I might hate him and you-for it.
  • And if I should happen to do well, don’t point out me as an example to others. It would embarrass me very much. But an occasional deserved word of acknowledgment is most welcome.
  • Keep your personal problems-and political ideas-to yourself, I cannot solve or judge them anyhow.
  • Remember that once upon a time you were a student yourself. Did you always get the best marks? And did you ever forget a thing?
  • Please keep studying yourself:, and do not mechanically use in class the same yellowed notes which you wrote some 20 years ago.
  • Do not expect a word of thanks ever so often. I am grateful, but find it difficult to express my gratitude in words. And so …….. Thank you ever so much!